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This is the Wiki page for the Regional Peterborough Gaming Society

Please see the following pages

Writing Projects

  • Rimfall a club writing project to create a systemless fantasy setting
  • Short Projects is home to individual writing projects (eg. short self contained RPGs, articles, characters etc) that don't fit anywhere else.
  • Tystalla is a fantasy world using it's own system

Game Backgrounds

Warhammer - Warhammer 3rd Edition Campaigns

Dragonstar - Dragonstar Campaigns

D&D 3.whatever - D&D Campaigns Eldernesh Valley

World of Darkness - World of Darkness

Savage Worlds - Nomad Rocks, Rimfall: A Season of Plenty

Pathfinder Campaigns - Dav and Stu's Great Pathfinder Campaign

13th Age - Bad Luck for Some

Pendragon - The Great Pendragon Campaign

Stargate Seasons - Stargate: SG-18

Game of Thrones - Pendragon Westeros

Star Wars - Quiberon Sector Campaign, Tales of Exploding Droids, The Red Blades, ISS Ardent

D&D 5th - Sword Coast Campaign

Faith: The Sci FI RPG - The Labyrinth

Victoriana - Victoriana - Streets of Shadow Campaign

The One Ring - Darkening of Mirkwood


RPGS 2013/14 Formula De Cup - Formula De 2013

RPGS 2014/15 Formula De Cup - Formula De 2014

RPGS 2015/16 Formula De Cup - Formula De 2015

RPGS 2017 Formula De Cup - Formula De 2017

RPGS Feb 2017 X-Wing 100pt (Relaxed) X-Wing Relaxed Feb 2017

Other Information

Some information about Inkscape a very handy graphics program for creating maps and floor plans.