D&D 5th - Adventures in the Sword Coast

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D&D 5th - Adventures in the Sword Coast

Post by Pigeon » Fri Aug 19, 2016 9:49 pm

Lankre, a small village on the river Rauvin was a quiet place, seldom visited by travelers save the odd merchant.
It is in the villages sole pub The Smoking Bear Arms we find the regulars gathering around a warm hearth after a hard days toil.
The largest, a miner by the name of Garbon speaks first "Ere, you lot seen the board? Seems some rich snob from the West has got imself lost in the woods".
Cailin, the young tailor replies "Who hasn't? A reward like that is rare in these parts, seems hes some sort of map maker".
"Hmm, even that much isn't worth tangling with the elves, no offense Cail." Haughton, the apprentice carpenter retorts. "Besides did you hear what Dylan said about Orcs near the groves."
Darbon stands and gesticulates wildly "Orcs?! no bloody orcs ave been seen round here in ages... old Dylan's eyes must be going".
The gravelly voice of the smith, Duncan comments "Its his hearing thats the trouble, hes sees just fine. Has anyone heard from Milena? I heard she's been ill."
Cailin looks down before stating "The Halfling waitress? Oh, you mean you didn't know? She passed late yesterday"
Levie, the village fool suddenly interjects from the corner "Hang on, if he does maps then how'd he get lost?"
Silence prevails.

I'm planning to run a D&D 5th game for the single month September rotation, The game will be part of the Club Sword Coast campaign and be following its rules: http://www.peterboroughrpg.com/rpgsforu ... ?f=6&t=918
I am happy to accept existing or new characters and I may try and continue this into the October rotation if it goes well.

System D&D 5th
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