Freelancer - Season 3

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Freelancer - Season 3

Post by danleo1884 » Sun Jun 12, 2016 12:56 pm

It was the twenty third century, man kind's darkest hour. The war had been raging for almost a hundred years; we had been fighting for so long that no-one could remember the reason why it had all started in the first place. All we knew was that there were two sides, the coalition and the alliance. For decades millions died for the same piece of rock, again and again, finally one side managed to gain the upper hand – the coalition. In desperation the alliance launched five sleeper ships; the hope was for them to begin again, far from the war and strife that had befallen earth, to start free from the prejudices that had divided us for so long. Each sleeper ship was christened after its patron nation; the Bretonia, the Rhineland, the Hispania, the Kusari, the Liberty. Against all odds the colony ships broke through the coalition blockage and headed for the Sirius system. That was 800 years ago, when we came here to rebuild our lives. We’ve come a long way since then, we have grown, we have prospered, we have flourished. But we will never forget.

This game will follow the adventures of a group of "Freelance" Fighter Pilots as they try to earn a living in the Sirius Sector.

Rotation Length : 1 or 2 months
Genre : Sci Fi
System : Savage worlds home-brew.
Players : 3 - 6

I am offering this for the July / August Rotation if people are interested. the current cast includes: -

Last seen on the "Battleship" Hood chasing a lead on the whereabouts of Professor Quintain:
Lane Hacker Rival: Cv Startracker
Space Ace: Lb Patriot
The Butler : Lb Rhino
Con Artist: Lb Defender
Engineer (Prisoner on his own ship) & Junkie (Deceased...Maybe)

Space Pirate: Bh Piranha - Last Seen with Junko Zane looking for Professor Quintain
Whizz Kid: Cc Startracker - last seen in the Leeds machine shop

And from the pilot - Locations Unknown:
Sweep : Cv Startracker
Ex Navy : Cv Startracker
Bad Cop: Lb Patriot
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Re: Freelancer - Season 3

Post by Ridley » Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:26 pm

Sure count me in for this

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